F. Paul Wilson and Steven Spruill’s NIGHTKILL

16 03 2010

The opening is heavily reminiscent of a Repairman Jack novel: two guys meet in a dark and dingy bar run by a surly, tight-lipped bartender; one has a job that the other is not so keen on taking; however, it is here that the similarity ends–Jake is no Jack, that’s for damn sure. Jake has none of Jack’s moral restraint. Jake is a hitman, and a damn good one if he is to be believed. Jake is being set up, and he bloody well knows it but the lure of a million bucks overcomes his wariness. He gets a bullet through the neck for ignoring his instincts, and is left paralyzed from the neck down.

Jake is blessed by one thing most quadriplegic hitmen never have: a beautiful Angel as a nurse (and her uncle, a scientist on the cutting edge of spinal regeneration research). After months of hard work and a highly illegal, experimental surgery Jake regains the use of his limbs. Now he must ask himself one thing–does Jake hunt down and wreak his revenge upon the backstabbing little fruitcake who set him up, or does he follow his newfound capacity to love into a brand new life?

This is a dark novel, and fairly short on character development (it is only 278 pages after all). But, it kept me up reading through the whole night, and its gotta get at least a few points from that, right?




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