Morgan Llywelyn’s 1916

2 04 2010

O Generations of Freedom remember us, the Generations of the Vision

Brilliantly written and exhaustively researched window into a period in history that I never even knew existed (thanks, American history curriculum!)

I’m too intimidated to say anything else; I do not possess the wordcraft to give this marvelous story its due diligence. Just pick it up and read it for yourselves, please.




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25 04 2010
Morgan Llywelyn’s 1921 « Subbing for Eden

[…] said it about the first book in this series (1916), and I will say it again: these novelizations of Ireland’s struggle for independence breath […]

11 05 2010
Morgan Llywelyn’s 1949 « Subbing for Eden

[…] Llywelyn’s 1949 11 05 2010 Llywelyn’s previous novels in the Irish Century series have utterly blown me away with their nigh seamless integration […]

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