25 04 2010

I picked up Demon because Ted Dekker made a big deal about teaming up with Tosca on a new series that is theoretically going to be greater even than the Circle Quad. He praised her mastery of the magick of storytelling and held her up to be something of a revelation, a talent rarely seen in the realm of the written.

But I’m just not seeing it.

There was nothing in Demon that gave me even a hint of her being an exceptional author. The premise was strained, character development almost nonexistent, descriptive passages bland, and-worst of all-the theology was lackluster.

Supposedly some demon decides to tell his story to a hapless divorcee, and the story, like, consumes his every waking moment. Tosca goes way over the top in telling us how Clay’s mind was utterly blown by this tale that’s being related to him…and yet…the story itself, which the reader is privy to in its entirety, is a dud. Think Paradise Lost on a felt board: trite, cliched, and absent any of the marvelous imagery that made its original such a classic.

Maybe I’m just spoiled. Maybe if I hadn’t grown up in a church where I heard this exact same story told countless times I would have seen this spark of greatness that so impressed Ted. Maybe if I hadn’t read Paradise Lost–or any novel written at more than a fifth grade level–I wouldn’t have realized how disappointingly plain the imagery really was.

Or maybe this was just another cliche Christian novel that tried far too hard to tell me it was life-changing without every bothering to make the attempt to show how my life could be changed.




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6 08 2010
Preston Cain

I read this book myself recently and rather liked it! Tosca Lee is a great writer and Demon is a great read! Check out my thoughts at

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