14 05 2010

I’m having a bit of trouble pinning down my reasons for not really liking this book. It had plenty of elements that usually leave me quite pleased–solid, realistic character development; twists that were actually surprising; sniper rifles…seriously, when did I get so hard to please?

I guess my biggest beef is with the writing style itself. He wrote in a bare bones style that left out many of the transitional phrases and modifiers I’m used to, almost going far enough to be stream-of-consciousness, and it resulted in my inner narrator blitz-reading through passages, rushing down pages and often skipping whole paragraphs. Honestly, it was exhausting…I was constantly being pushed passed my typical reading pace into a near frenzy state. It didn’t help that much of the book was written in cop-lingo. That is one insider shorthand I am not very familiar with.

Also, the book was ridiculously anticlimactic. Or something. With all of the murders and mayhem throughout, I was expecting some sort of epic shootout hearkening back to the days of the OK Corral–or the movie Shooter, that would have work too. Instead, I got a montage of mini-confrontations spaced out between several business-as-usual passages. Not what I was looking for at all.

Or maybe there was nothing wrong with the book at all, and I was simply too impatient to pay it the attention it was due. Repairman Jack is next on the docket after all, and I am currently feeling quite caught up in his story…




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