Walking Prayer

2 12 2010

I wanted to cry tonight, so I went for a walk. I did not cry. After getting almost angry enough about not crying to shed a tear I prayed this prayer:


Okay I get it, you’re not going to give me what I’m asking for tonight, you’re going to give me what I need. Well I’m telling you that what I need right now is a bottle of root beer, so what say you do that little stirring of the Spirit thing you’re so fond of and prompt someone living in one of these houses I’m walking past to offer me a blessed root beer.

And then I can go inside and weep all over this gentle stranger’s couch.

And if you’re feeling really generous tonight, you could make the stranger a beautiful woman who wants to cuddle (and maybe fool around a little bit).


I wish I could tell you this was all a joke.

It isn’t.

I’m afraid my sanity may never return.




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