Christians and Pagans

29 12 2010

Men go to God when they are sore bestead,
Pray to him for succour, for his peace, for bread,
For mercy for them sick, sinning, or dead;
All men do so, Christian and unbelieving.

Men go to God when he is sore bestead,
Find him poor and scorned, without shelter or bread,
Whelmed under weight of the wicked, the weak, the dead;
Christians stand by God in his hour of grieving.

God goes to every man when sore bestead,
Feeds body and spirit with his bread;
For Christians, pagan alike he hangs dead,
And both alike forgiving.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “Christians and Pagans”




One response

17 05 2011

Hi, I am from Australia.

Christians love to talk about “pagans”, and essentially define everyone who is not a Christian as a “pagan”.
But what if Christianity itself is essentially a form of “paganism”?
For instance this reference gives a unique understanding of the “pagan” origins of Christianity.

This reference describes how the various cultures pf all of the old-style “pagans” were systematically eliminated by Western “civilization” in its drive to gain power and control over every one and any thing – Christan missionaries played a very important role in this process.

Plus a related reference on the non-human inhabitants of this mostly non-human world

The Secrets of the Kingdom of God

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