Your you’re

12 09 2011

I’m a bit of a grammar nut; I’ve been correcting my teachers’ usage of there/their/they’re, to/two/too, and your/you’re since kindergarten. (They loved me) (Seriously, they did)

I am also on a magical discovery of the shaping influence of my unconscious on every facet of my life–and never more so than after reading Annie Rogers’ The Unsayable.

So, with that in mind, let’s just say that it caught my attention when I began getting sloppy with my yours. It’s only been a few days yet, but I am repeatedly and automatically writing “you’re” when I intend your. This is not an error I typically find myself prone to making.

This is not an error.

So, when it happened today in the midst of my journal reflection on the first day of Practicum I (part deux), I had the freedom and inclination to interrogate myself for some illumination into what I’m attempting to express through this arresting transcription. Five minutes and a bit of wordplay later, this is what I’ve got:

“Thomas, you’re life demands you answer ‘How am I a man?'”


You are.

You are life.

Thomas, you are life.

Thomas, you are your demands.

You are a man?

Thomas, you are a man.

You are you.

And with that, I return to my all time favorite benediction,

love and snugglies!




One response

13 09 2011

I haven’t read your blog in a while, so this comment might span the last few entries.

I, too, am reading in public. I’m reading your blog in public, and your words are poetry – sometimes painful, sometimes lovely, always pointing back to humanity.

You will not quit. The little I know of you, I feel as though I can say that with absoluteness (is that even a word? I command it be one now).

Be the man you long to be; define masculinity for what you want it to mean and lean into that.

Life will be good.

high fives and smiles!

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