Safety Asparagus

26 11 2011

I’ve been watching the show Terra Nova lately. It’s not the greatest storytelling ever, but it has dinosaurs. RAWR!

This week they surprised me with a simple – but remarkably well written – segment on safety planning in the family (one of many topics that has skyrocketed in importance to me after the Domestic Violence Advocacy class I attended a few weeks ago). I want to recreate some of that scene here, both to celebrate a rare instance where primetime television encouraged positive family dynamics and to inspire myself in my current project: writing a children’s book that would be of value to a child after witnessing violence in the home.

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Jessie, tell me a story…

25 11 2011

The scene:

Breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe (where Michael and Heather and Jacquie work) with family: mom, sister, sister, adopted brothers. The place is full, and loud. I ask youngest sister to tell me a story, and she asks “about what?” This is what I say to her..

The Parameters:

I want zombies, and I want them to be the good guys. I want to root for them to eat all the brains. I want them to be so good that, when the story is over, I want to BE a zombie. This is the tale she told..

The Story:

Amanda Barbee is a zombie.

This makes Tom really upset, because he was starting to think he really liked her. He is not at all happy about having to kill her this early in the relationship. Furious, in fact. In order to blow off some steam before the mercy-killing he knows must come, Tom runs out into the streets of Seattle to slaughter some zombies. He bashes in heads by the Space Needle and squishes faces at Gas Works. He chops off legs at Golden Gardens just to watch them crawl through the sand–and laughs. Eventually he wears himself out, returns home, and collapses into bed.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning Tom awakens to find Amanda looming over his bed. “Oh no,” he thinks, “now I really do have to kill her, or she’ll turn me too!”

“Wait!” Amanda cries. “Don’t you see, this is the next step in our evolution. We must become zombies to be freed from our chauvinistic ways!”

This makes perfect sense to Tom. Of course zombies would be freed from the scourges of kyriarchy! Is that not what we’ve been working toward all along? He reaches out to Amanda and she tenderly chews off a hunk of his flesh, infecting him with the virus that will bring equality to all of humanity.

The End.

He Who Walks Behind

8 11 2011

i enter in peaces

filled and emptied

filled and emptied

emptied and


with strength

she comes as

a child.



tall, dark, and


never seen

–always felt

His weight does

not bend her

but makes her


for a moment

i stand


my shoulder


the rents from

His wrath